Life is my inspiration. Primarily, the inner solitude of everyone and everything. Our constant quest for spirituality in a world of often too transient pleasure. The irresistible yet thorny side of life, the strange and mysterious beauty that is humanity.

My creations are born from an attempt to catch the fleeting beauty of life.

Founded in Montreal 2004, Harakiri is an eye-catching handmade jewelry line for woman and man. Renowned for abstract interpretations of nature’s elements, my designs are timeless gems crafted from sterling silver, bronze, gold and pearls.

Named 1 of 100 most influential women in Quebec’s fashion by Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, Harakiri has gained a significant press, both locally and internationally. My work has been featured in magazines such as Elle Quebec, Elle Canada, Fashion, La Presse, Interview, Diane Pernet  A shaded view of fashion, Indie, Highrise, and many more.

Harakiri has supported many causes trough out the years. Creating and donating unique pieces for fundraisers such as the“Breast yourself” foundation for breast cancer, the “Fara” foundation for aids, the Maat  foundation based on social equity, the François-Michèle foundation and many more.

Great collaborations came to life between Harakiri and many great creative minds. Accessorizing fashion shows for Denis Gagnon and complexgeometries and designing an exclusive collection of 14KT gold jewelry for the prestigious store Cahier d’Exercices. A private collection was also created for DomRebel and Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal.

Harakiri was born out of a thirst to create bold yet distinctive pieces of jewelry. My art is truly an expression of the woman that I am, a fusion of fierce and fragile.

Mireille Boucher